Strengthen your spirit and embrace your purpose with clarity, trust and joy.


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The space for leaders and entrepreneurs to learn to care for their heart and mindset as they bring their purpose to life

This is it. You are ready to commit to your purpose, and make it real. 

And as you move forward, you realize that there's something in the way that is holding you back. It's not about the strategy or the plan. It's within you.

Your experience may feel like this:

You feel anxiety about the future, and start to doubt your decisions and whether this is really for you.

You stress about the money, and feel yourself trying to control everything. You can't seem to shake the feeling of scarcity.

You compare yourself to others and wonder why you're not further along in the journey. 

You notice you are self sabotaging, not seeing things through and perhaps even avoiding opportunities.

Let's clear it from the root, and come back to your core
Let's create the space within you so that your days feel guided, fun, inspired, in flow, and deeply yours. 

It happens when you cultivate an unshakeable trust in you.


You have this dream because it is yours to create 

And our biggest dreams can bring up our greatest fears.

I've recognized that the root of this work comes through the strength of your spirit. - how deeply you know and love yourself, how you live in relationship to your fears, how willing you are to look at the full, real picture of your desires and go out and claim them as yours. 

This work to me is sacred, guided, and fully intuitively led. 

This is a space to powerfully nurture your mindset and your heart, as you fulfill this purpose you know is yours - and you learn to live it with joy, flow and excitement. Here, you will learn the tools and practices that will ground you in your true power

What You'll Create for Yourself:

I am committed to your lasting change - so you become the fully aligned, joyful soul who can:


Fully Trust Yourself: Your intuition becomes your new compass as you listen, trust, and act on your truth above everything else.

Attract Your Dream Partners/ Clients/ Collaborators: Get clear on who you want to work with, learn to speak to them and hold an energy that magnetizes them right to you. 

Receive and Embrace your Wealth: Ground in your self worth, become comfortable charging the value of your work, and expand into your natural abundance.

Create your Support Structure: Embrace community and deepen the relationships that will support and hold you through whatever comes. 

Thrive with Your Rituals and Practices: Discover and commit to the practices that resonate with your soul, remind you who you are, and keep you grounded in your power. 


About Me

I’m Gaby, and I'm in the world to empower women to be who they are, so they can be free. I'm a Dominicana, a mother, a woman who lives by her intuition. 

I started my business in 2014, and I knew I would need to strengthen my spirit if I was going to make it. I was a single mom and I had never considered entrepreneurship. I relied on trusting my intuition to guide my way. 

It took giving myself permission to be my true self and learning to trust my path.

I am committed to supporting you in this same journey to create whatever you desire and step into your deepest authenticity. From this powerful and grounded place - we strategize, we execute, we create.

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Get your hands on the gorgeous Intuitive Business Plan Kit. A set of 10 powerful exercises and 65-page booklet that will walk you through a juicy experience to dive into your intuition and create the business of your dreams - rooted in your truest vision. 

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Cristina AguilarPresident, Aguilar Strategies

Gaby’s guidance has been pure magic for this phase of my business and life. From the first conversation, I knew I had found a kindred spirit who was going to be the ideal partner for my business.

She took me through a heartfelt process of visualizing the life I want and then helped me craft a plan to call in my dream life, clients, and opportunities.

I quickly started to see results and look forward to continuing to collaborate with Gaby on taking my dreams to even greater heights.

Tailer Senior, Holistic Designer

I had an idea for a new business, but could not even articulate it. In two strategy sessions with Gaby I was able to get out of my head, and get clear on my concept.

Gaby provided just the right type of feedback, guidance, structure and grounding for me to put my business concept into words and begin working on actionable items. I am so grateful for her encouragement, ability to see ME and to help me to define my ideas.

Melissa Jurado, Owner - Happy with Dogs

Doing one on one coaching with Gaby was transformational.

Gaby listens with her full attention and brings to light insights and ideas that consistently helped change my perspective. She will deep dive with you into things that are difficult to feel and talk about, but is also capable of helping you put pen to paper to make a plan and get things done.

Her work with ritual, Feng shui, and intention setting, along with her natural way of sending love, compassion, and a desire to support are a powerful force to have in your corner. 


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Transformational, intimate group experiences to hold you to everything you want to create, as you learn to follow your intuitive wisdom. 

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Through one-on-one Coaching, Strategy and Mentoring Sessions, we deep-dive to bring you clarity and a plan. 

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The stories that will inspire you and remind you of everything that is here for you to create - on the podcast and the blog. 

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