Future Self Vibes Worksheet 🔮

Important Instructions: 

Carve a few minutes to ground and complete this experience. 

Take three, slow, deep breaths. Call in your future self.

A grounded, confident, heart-centered you - who is prioritizing self care, and thriving with true support.

You are self expressed, joyful and creating daily. Allow yourself to be transported.


Answer the following questions AS YOUR FUTURE SELF, from your heart.

Use language in the present. Minimize overthinking. Answer intuitively and quickly.

At the end of the exercise, close your eyes and give thanks for the guidance and the space you made to get closer to your truth.


Click below to start. ✨ Make sure to answer all questions as your "Future Self". ✨


Question 1 of 17

Remember: You are answering all of these questions as your Future Self. If you missed the instructions to ground in this energy - click back to the instructions here: 


(1) How do you feel? Become aware of all the sensations.  





Question 2 of 17

(2) What are you wearing?

Question 3 of 17

(3) What is your fragrance?

Question 4 of 17

(4) How do you ground & self care in the morning?

Question 5 of 17

(5) What's bringing you joy today? Welcome Gratitude

Question 6 of 17

(6) What rituals are sacred to you? What do you do everyday that connects you to your true self. 

Question 7 of 17

You walk into the space where you create...

(7) What music is playing?

Question 8 of 17

Describe the space

(8) What colors, items, textures surround you?

Question 9 of 17

(9) Who is there with you? Be specific with names. If you don't have anyone in particular in mind, describe who you would want them to be.


Question 10 of 17

(10) Who are the trusted friends advising you? Be specific with names. If you don't have anyone in particular in mind, describe who you would want them to be. 

Question 11 of 17

(11) What do you allow to surface in your expression that you hesitated to in the past?

Question 12 of 17

(12) What are the boundaries in place for your time and energy?

Question 13 of 17

(13) What is the intention for your work? 

Question 14 of 17

(14) Who are you impacting/ working with?

Question 15 of 17

(15) What impact/ lesson/ knowing/ relationships are your clients or audience walking out with from your work?

Question 16 of 17

(16) What values/ principles are you rooted in?

Question 17 of 17

(17) How are you doing this in a way that is uniquely and truly YOURS?

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