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The B Word

My name is Gabriela, and I am a bruja

It is one of the truest things about me. I have known this about myself since I was a little girl. 

People have their own misconceptions and assumptions about what this word means. People who know me intimately are often also afraid for others' misconceptions and the assumptions when I say it out loud, when I claim it. 

The truth is, I'm tired of tip-toeing around it. As someone committed to helping women live their truth, it's time for me to own it fully and say it out loud. I know it starts in spaces like these.

That word "Bruja" to me, encompasses my connection to my divinity, a claiming of my spirituality on my terms and those of my lineage, a way of living and communing with the divine that is my Caribbean roots, that is my grandmothers and their villages of support, that owns the gifts we didn't dare speak of outside of the home, and the ones I am still discovering within myself.  

Because when I feel most connected to my power is when I've lit my candles and am dancing with my grandmothers in my bathroom. 

Because when I need to make a big move in my life I know they hold me and guide me - clearly (and with explicit instructions!) :) 

Because I know I am healing generations forwards and backwards in this lifetime through these gifts and the courage to live them. 

Because the moment I drop in when I meditate I hear my guides, I am held in love, and I know the right next step for me. 

Because I've committed to lean in and let my intuition guide my every moment, trusting that in every moment we are making magic. 

Because trusting my power allows me to love more deeply, to ground and be so deeply present everyone in my life - family, friends, and clients - sharing from love what needs to be shared. 

Because the kind of connection and perspective I've gained through claiming it, is invaluable. 

Because it has taught me to own and love the fullness of who I am - from the moments I celebrate to the moments I grieve and regret. 

Because it has shown me the impact and inspiration I can have in others' lives when I own it. 

And who benefits from my silence and my denial of myself? A patriarchal, dogmatic, close-minded status quo that hurts ALL of us, that numbs and lulls the parts of us that should be celebrated. 

I'm a grown ass woman. And I will no longer deny who I am.

The past year I have been through what feels like a million cycles of ego deaths, shadow work, and reclamations of pieces of who I am. We really are coming back to our purest essence. 

I have connected with 8-year old Gaby, who used to watch Walter Mercado with her grandmother, who felt a sense of certainty about people and the world and she didn't know where it came from, who lived her creativity freely and knew it was spiritual work, who knew that her real church happened when the women in our family got together. 

I'm coming home within myself and it has brought me a sense of peace that I don't remember feeling since I was a child. 

And this woman has an invitation for you. 

The deep reflection of this past year has led me to want to PLAY in this community. I am lifting the curtain and sharing all the ways I bring my spiritual practices into my business. All the ways my soul work guides me as I heal, manifest, expand, open up to whatever I desire with my work. 

I am thrilled to be launching a Workshop Series kicking off this month with "Create Your Business Altar" on Monday, March 28th at 7pm EST. 

This space will be expansive, playful, creative, deeply intuitive, and fully yours. 

It's time for a celebration of your divinity. It's time to guide that magic with clear intentions in your own, special sacred space. Click here to learn more and get your ticket.  I am so looking forward to seeing you there. 

More workshops are coming later this year. To make sure you receive the invites, sign up here.

Here's to you owning all of you, sister 🥂

Special shoutouts to the one and only Marlene Menendez for powerfully walking with me this year and to Mariel De Moya for affirming and supporting me in this reclamation. 




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