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How to *make sure* you will get it done

There is a moment when your vision is set, the plan is created, the strategy is clear and it's time to take action. 

And well.. 

This tends to also be the time when suddenly the house must be cleaned, the Netflix show is just getting good, and everyone else really seems to need you.

It's also the time when you start analyzing the plan over and over again, wondering if you've made the right call, and whether you need to start from scratch. 

As we expand to big dreams and new ideas, there is an inevitable contraction. I've noticed the place where it happens most often is during the actual doing of the thing. 

It's often hard to anticipate that these things will happen, and yet the doubts and excuses tend to sneak up on us.

It's the reason we keep pushing down what matters to us in the list of priorities. It's the reason we keep postponing our goals, quarter after quarter. Year after year. 

And it's not inevitable.

Here are the four elements that I've found help me in getting it done:  

  1. Commit to your Discipline and Consistency: There's no hack here. It's about blocking time on your calendar to get it done, and showing up. No matter what. Making this work space beautiful and inspiring is an extra motivation ;).  
  2. Secure your Accountability and Support: Things will come up, your fears will come up and you'll need support, someone to hold you to doing the things, someone to share your experience with. Set this up before you even get started. 
  3. Seek Out Guidance and Strategy: Having the consistent and available guidance from a coach or mentor who has been there before, will help you see clearly, trust yourself, and create the best strategy for you to move forward.
  4. Connect with the Energy of What you are Creating: Above anything else, take time to connect with the joy and energy of what brought you to this concept in the first place! This is that natural high that motivates you to stay in it. 




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