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An Invitation for You in 2022 🌿

My word of the year for 2022 is Devotion.

Every year I choose a word to guide my experience. Something I wish to cultivate for the year.  I had been wondering for weeks what it would be for 2022. It came to me suddenly and I just knew.

Here's what it means to me: I am ready to go deep and all-in - with my relationships, with my passions, with my projects, with my community, with my clients, with my own spiritual work, growth and self care. 

In 2022, I want to be fully present with everything I do. 

I want to cut down multi-tasking and screen-time to a minimum. 

I want to make things with my hands. 

I want to make the time to read and write more, listen to music and take walks. 

I want to sit with my friends without distractions. 

I want to spend very present time with my partner, my son and our family.   

And there's one part of my life where I'm also feeling called into deep alignment with this new intention - and it is in my time online and my exchange with you

As I sat with this word Devotion something important became clear. 

I want to be a real pause and opportunity for connection, reflection, and inspiration in your life. 

I want to add depth, nuance, conversation, and community to your life. I want to be in a true exchange with you. 

I want to be an opportunity for you to take a few deep breaths and dive into a really juicy blog post or a podcast episode that leaves you feeling something real. I want to write the emails you'll want to open.


When I thought about what this meant for the online spaces I show up in and the way I show up, I knew what I needed to do - and it honestly terrified me.

Since 2015, Instagram has been one of the primary platforms I use for my business. I love so many of the people I exchange with there, but I've recently realized, that the app itself is not good for my mental health. (If you want the details on this, please ask. I'm happy to share separately).  I've realized that I really love the person I am when I don't have this app on my phone. So I'll be scaling down my time and sharing on IG considerably - and in doing so - freeing hours of my days for more devotion and connection where it feels good and where it matters. 

I can only dream of what I'll do with all the time I'll gain this year with this decision. 

I want to dedicate my energy and time to spaces that offer: 

  • Inspiration
  • Depth
  • Cozy, "stay a while" feeling
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Consciousness
  • Growth

And so, today is an invitation to just that. 

I am taking off my coat, setting down my purse, grabbing a chair next to you, listening, sharing and being fully present with you.

We are doing this, sister.

Today is an invitation to share together in new online spaces, in new ways - through stories that go deeper than just a few seconds, through inspiring new spaces that are bringing out the best in me (and hopefully all of us) in new ways. 

I am inviting you into new spaces that will be intentional, joyful, present, and whole. Join me here: 

1) Join my Texting Community:

I am thrilled to launch a texting community, where we can connect 1:1. I will be sharing inspiration, ideas, experiences, and exclusive offers in this space only. When you opt-in, you'll receive my Energy Healing for Abundance meditation; which will be such a juicy way to kick off the new year. To join and receive the meditation, text Abundance to +1 (917) 809-5298.    

2) Join my Email List:

It's amazing how much pleasure I am getting from writing these email love notes straight from my heart and intuitive wisdom for you. It's the devotion coming straight through. This is also where I'll be sharing the meaty deep-dive blog posts that I plan on writing weekly. I am beyond excited for more writing and sharing in 2022. Sign up right here

3) Subscribe to my Podcast:

The first full Season of Living Intuition with Gaby Guzman is out and I am so frikin proud of it. I've received some of the best feedback of anything I've ever created from many of you about it. You can listen, share and subscribe here on Spotify and Apple podcasts. Season Two is coming soon and it will bring powerful conversations with my sisters, womxn who are deeply inspiring and have so much to share.  

I saw a meme a few months ago that said: 

"Offline is the New Luxury"

I agree. And I am here for intentional screen time in 2022 for all of us.

I am here banking on longer attention spans and wishing that when you find something amazing online you let yourself consciously dive all the way.

How about you, sister? How do you want to live this year? What are the online spaces that support it? What do you get to trust? What will you be in integrity with this year?

My mission continues to be helping womxn become who they are so they can be free. I am in deeper integrity to this mission every single day. 

May your time on and offline this year be conscious, nourishing, rich, present, and inspiring wherever you are.


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