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The annual lessons (2020 Edition)

lessons Dec 14, 2020

Every December, I share my lessons for the year. 

And then, there's 2020.

On the year that brought us a global pandemic, a massive opportunity to shift in consciousness (and also brought me my 40th birthday), the lessons went deeper than they ever have.

Here we go: 

  • I am finally OK with others' discomfort, when it is a result of my authenticity. For my entire life I have molded how I show up - particularly around some people close to me - to keep the peace, to not ruffle feathers. Well, that's done. I'm going to be who I am always. I wish you luck with your discomfort. 
  • I am owning my full power, more than ever before. I recognize the irony here. I spend my days supporting women to own their power. This year I recognized all the places I was still holding back from fully owning and expressing it -  using burnout and overwhelm as excuses to not create what I really wanted. I finally got real. I started living as my future self. Major shifts have already started.  
  • Shadow Work can always go deeper and support your journey.  In a year when so much grief, loss, fear, and true hardship surfaced - I went in, again and again, choosing to deepen my spiritual practices. Hanging with my Shadow and hearing her fresh "worst case scenarios". They were scarier than ever, and I was there to listen. I felt more whole and connected to my Intuition, my guides, my ancestors and my divinity for it. 
  • Romantic Love is possible (yes, even in the middle of a pandemic). I reconnected this year with a man whom I am deeply in love with. Finding myself single when the pandemic started, I promptly decided Dr. Fauci would be the one to tell me when it was OK to date again. And then, this man showed up. I was so, so clear on the kind of man and partnership I wanted - and he is everything I've ever hoped more - and more. I pinch myself. After being single for the better part of a decade I chose not to lose hope. I truly recognize how much I needed that decade now. And how this was the absolute perfect moment for us. And I can fully let go of the idea that romantic love is toxic, neglectful, problematic, "mysterious", and cold. That B.S. will be buried with 2020. My love is sweet, good, committed and present. 
  • My Anti-Racist practice became part of my core. This was the year when I recognized that my anti-racist practice is essential to my humanity. It remains as urgent and significant as any other work in my life. It's been woven into my business, my community, my personal life, my parenting. I am in this for life, and I learn everyday. Mistakes have been reframed as opportunities for learning. I refer to these guidelines often. Thank you, Lutze.  
  • Connection & Creativity are not cancelled. I have been on the cautious end of in-person meetups over the past nine months. I stand by that decision, and it doesn't mean I miss my people any less. For those who are cool with connecting online - I've learned that deep, deep connection can happen whenever when you let them. Creativity has been my liberation this year - from getting creative with shifting my businesses, getting creative with my relationships, home, and my time in the middle of a pandemic, and 2020 even a rekindled love for watercoloring which I plan to absolutely continue in 2021. 

 These are the biggies. It very much feels like we're still in the middle of the transformation this moment is bringing to us - AND - I still intentionally call in the New Year as a fresh start of bold, brave, open, and joyful beginnings. 


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