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Playing with magic in your business 🔮

I've always been obsessed with the magic and energy in the physical

Altars. Feng Shui. Vision Boards. Sacred Objects. Sacred Spaces.

Everything physical around us, also has energy.

I've also been a pen and paper girl since I kept diaries as a young teen. Something in me has always known that when I write things down, there is power in that action.

Science tells us that when you write your goals down, you are 42% more likely to achieve them (Source: Inc.com).

As I studied energy work and magic, I would learn that words are spells after all. 

When I launched my business in 2014, I knew intuitively that my trusted pen and paper would be how I would go about setting intentions and organizing it all. 

I became the queen of the giant post-its. As a strategist, I was mapping out business plans, marketing strategies and content plans in massive post its for my clients for years (many still live in their walls years later!)

I always found comfort in it that blank canvas before me. Somehow setting an intention, being in open conversation, writing the things down, and mapping them out always came naturally to me. The story and what would be created always came together.  

At the end there was always the feeling that we had brought these dreams so much closer to being real.

It's as though by being on paper, they were almost here.  

December 2017 was a pivotal transition moment for me. Suddenly, so much seemed to come to a halt within me.  For months the things that I was doing at work felt like they belonged to an old version of me. I couldn't explain it. It was simply a powerful intuitive hit that demanded my action. I made some radical moves to shift into alignment. I left a business partnership, a studio, a project I had been committed to for years.

Everything in me was craving a fresh start with a business that was aligned with who I was becoming.  I was aching to build a business that reflected my whole self in all aspects of my life. 

The Moment that Changed Everything: 

I remember sitting on my apartment floor next to my Christmas tree and asking myself these big questions - one at a time. This time, I happened to have a stack of 5x7 index cards. In each card, I wrote some questions at the top: 

  • Where would I focus my time and energy?
  • What kind of offerings would I create now?
  • What are my big goals for the year?
  • How would I tell my story?
  • How would I keep this new energy alive everyday in me?

My intuition had led me to make this massive shift in my work. And although it was scary, it felt so right and deeply comforting. I had a natural motivation driving me. It felt like the real me coming through. And so, as I answered these questions - I grounded and connected deeply within me. I would invite my intuition in answering each and every one of these questions. I developed an exercise for each question that led me to my answers. I vowed to answer without judgement. I would commit to living my answers. 

When I was done, I put these cards on the walls, so I could remember them everyday. 

When my clients came over for our Masterminds - they were curious. Soon, we started using the cards for their own businesses.

Eventually, this experience became an online course that has supported hundreds of women in weaving business strategy and their own intuitive wisdom. 

This experience became the foundation that is the root of the business I have today. My work brings me so much joy and I am so excited in sharing my impact, I pinch myself everyday. This is the system I revisit every quarter, as I update, check-in, strategize, and dream what's next for my business. The cards still live on my walls and I exchange energy with them every single day. 

This week, I've been thrilled to launch the Intuitive Business Plan as a physical product for the first time. 

There was so much love, heart and drive poured into reimagining and redesigning this experience for you in this format. You can learn all about it, and get your own set of cards + guided booklet + tons of bonuses right here

I believe that when you direct your highest-self energy into the physical, with intentionality and consistency, nothing can stop you. 

I also know that recognizing and moving the energy you want into the physical is a beautiful place to start (or deepen) playing with magic, intentions, manifesting and exploring your intuitive journey.

Here are some essential steps I've found to use the magic in the physical to create your desires. 

I. Choose Your Medium

Whether you choose a business altar, Vision Board, or an experience like the Intuitive Business Plan, make sure it resonates with you and you're excited about it. I have been known to take over a whole wall in my house and combine all three. Let it be something that is bringing you the creativity you want to experience, and is calling to you. 

II. Set an Intention

This is the most important step. As you set out to create through the magic of the physical, feel into why you're doing it. Are you trying to create a particular business outcome? Are you looking to build up the courage to have a more public profile with your work? Are you working on attracting particular opportunities? Write your intention in present and positive tens. For example "I make $20,000 a month, joyfully in my gifts and impact." This intention should resonate powerfully in your soul, and feel stretchy yet possible. 

III. Set the Stage & Ground

Gather your sacred elements (items that are meaningful to you), such as photos, candles, crystals, deities, symbols of your spirituality, roots and vision. Let yourself be surrounded by and immersed in the energy they hold for you.  Take some slow deep breaths and close your eyes. Invite your guides and divine team to support your experience and hold you in a protective light. Call in your intention, and feel into what it would be like to have it be real now. Imagine it has come true. Let your future self guide you in creating.

IV. Start Creating & Playing

A huge reason I launched the Intuitive Business Plan as a product, is because I saw so many women become stuck, intimidated and hold themselves back when they thought about planning their businesses. This experience is a way to bring back play, creativity, magic and fun into your business and life planning. 

Play some music that thrills you (I've been loving this playlist lately).  Start bringing elements together. Start completing your experience. For the Intuitive Business Plan, trust what flows through you as you read the guide and complete each card. Trust the wisdom that lives within you. If you have questions, set it aside and ask later. 

When you're done, sit in stillness for a few minutes and give thanks to the guidance you've received. 

V. Keep It Alive

Finally, you get to hold this vision and energy and keep it alive for as long as it's relevant to you! Display it or place it somewhere you will exchange energy with it everyday. Stand in front of it and give it your love. Ask it to show you what's next. Let the power that created it and that higher-self juicy energy feed you back. See what stands out. See what you're called to move or add. See what words you wrote that are suddenly jumping out at you. This is a powerful space to commit to your goals and stay grounded with your big vision. This is where you'll remember what you're really working to embody and live - even through the challenges. This is how you bring yourself back to what you desire, everyday. 

I hope you answer the call to dive deeper into yourself and your power, and you own it fully. I promise it will make you come alive in a way you never have before, and it will birth everything you are meant to create. 

Let me know what you think about diving into this world, sister? I'd love to chat with you about it. Text me at +1 (917) 809-5298. 




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