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"You're actually the best person to teach about Pleasure"

Uncategorized Oct 16, 2020

When I started feeling the call to create a program on Pleasure, it felt guided, joyful, and so right. I was deep in the flow. 

And then, shortly before I announce it - I woke up one day with this one loud thought "Who am I to talk about pleasure? I feel like a fraud."

This thought shook me. I felt a sinking feeling of "Maybe I need to cancel this."

Luckily, I have learned to rely on my people. My friend Jaime saw right through my bullshit and very matter-of-factly shared: 

"You're actually the best person to teach about pleasure."

And suddenly it all made perfect sense. 

I am the "structure" person. I am the person who finds it hard to let go, and not have everything planned. I am the person who needs a solid schedule. I am the person who grew up prioritizing the to-do list and never finding time for pure enjoyment. I am the person who couldn't enjoy myself without feeling guilty. 

I have suffered this internal battle for much of my life. 

I am also the person that has been committed to the work of allowing Pleasure into my life for years. 

🌿  I have learned to to face, befriend, celebrate, and integrate my Shadow. 

🌿. I have walked through my resistance and made time for my Pleasure - breathing through the guilt like a wave. 

🌿. I am the person who made a year-long commitment to surrender. 

🌿. I am the person who still needs accountability to be in Pleasure. 

🌿 I am the person who has been studying Pleasure and practicing integrating it for years. 

🌿. I am the person who has seen my life continuously expand in magical ways beyond anything I could have ever imagined - as a direct result of letting myself BE, and fully and unapologetic experience Pleasure.

My origin story has decidedly NOT been flowy dresses, dancing, receiving, unicorns and rainbows. 

I know what it means to work on shifting this. 

I know what it looks like to shift your entire being to receiving, trusting, and allowing joy and Pleasure to become your NEW WAY. 

I hope you'll join me in guiding you through this liberating wisdom, at such an important time. Sign up for Pleasure quest right here


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