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Walking with the fear (defining Shadow work)

Uncategorized Mar 02, 2020

Recently one of our Comadres asked me to dive deeper into what I meant by "Shadow work."

I had been feeling intuitively that this was something I needed to address much more head on, and so the message from the universe came loud and clear. 

Your "Shadow" is your fear. It's the part of you that is scared, terrified of the unknown, unwilling to take risks or alter the status quo. It's the voice in your head that has you wondering whether you should really go for that opportunity, making you feel "less than". Your Shadow leads to self sabotage, paralysis, outbursts, and a whole lot of stress. 

It's the subconscious at work producing the opposite result of the thing that you say you want (e.g., money, love, impact, success, connection).

It's also a real and genuine part of you. And all she really wants is to keep you safe.  

And yet, so much of what we find on the topic is along the lines of "F*ck your fears!" This approach is incredibly damaging. 

Telling a part of who you are to "go f*ck itself" leads to self loathing, internal turmoil, confusion, and anxiety. 

Thankfully, there are also schools of thought that invite a very different approach and relationship with that part of us. It's an approach based on courage, vulnerability, and compassion - with all of you.  

This work with the Shadow has become an integral part of my strategy sessions and coaching with women entrepreneurs. 

We create safe space to bring your Shadow to the light and together work to heal and integrate, and move forward whole, empowered and more fully yourself. We also create a blueprint for you to continue this work on your own, whenever the fears come up again.

It is often a critical step when you're ready to break through destructive patterns that have held you back for years. 

From there, we strategize, plan, and get clear. From there, we create the business of your dreams. 

One immediate and very powerful thing you can start today is become aware of the negative chatter and feelings of self judgement within you. When you feel them come up, remember that it is misguided fear within you, aching to find peace. And remember you have the power to bring love and acceptance to that part of you - at any moment. 



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