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Your Guide to Spring Equinox Creation

The Spring Equinox is here, a time for fertility, blooming, and creation. A time for beginnings. 

It's the sun in your face, fresh flowers, and your favorite song carrying you through.

What will you create this season?

This question can feel daunting - whether we know or don't know what's next for us.

And so, I've prepared a quick guide to your very own Spring Equinox creation

  1. Who do you want to become? Imagine yourself in mid-Summer 2021. How do you want to live, feel, vibe? What are you prioritizing? What has been overcome? What are you stepping into? 
  2. What actions will support you? Feel into this not-so-distant "future you". What can you do today to get closer to her? What choices can you make? Is it a new habit? A new mindset? A new intention? What does it look like when you prioritize it in your life? Get as specific as you can. What actions will you take and when?
  3. How can you get help and be held accountable? You are deeply supported, my dear. Once you know what you want to create, there will be ups and downs. Share your goal with a good friend and be very clear with them about how you want to be held accountable. A phone call 2x/ month? A weekly WhatsApp checkin text? Share exactly what you need. 
  4. How can you be kind and support yourself along the way? As you incorporate new beliefs and behaviors, your Shadow will likely act up. It's very likely you'll feel fearful and discouraged along the way. Remember that you can always choose to be kind to you. Recognize and make room for your fear. And double down on taking care of yourself throughout. Whatever you need, no apologies. 

Remember the end result rarely looks as we planned. Let this new beginning carry you through enjoying the ride, surrendering, and allowing the outcome to be exactly what it is.


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