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The most powerful witch in the world

There's a woman that I follow that you've probably heard me mention many times. Her name is Carolyn Elliott. I met her at a conference in the Spring of 2016, and I became an immediate fan.

She was bold, unapologetic, quirky AF and fully owning her self expression and authenticity. She introduced herself as a witch. 

I saw in her everything that was true and asleep in me. 

I soon took several of Carolyn's courses, In early 2017, in one of those courses, she asked us to say "I am the most powerful witch in the world." 

I was so triggered I stopped the course right there altogether. I was all...

"That's not true!"

"How could I say that?!"

"It's so presumptuous!"

"This is not for me."

My "brujaness" to me, is all about owning my wholeness, my purpose, and my connection to the divine - to Mother Earth, my ancestors, my guides and angels. Owning my path, my spiritual practices, honoring my own divinity. That owning has been a process. 

And the last four years have brought me to my knees and expansion beyond my wildest dreams more times than I can count.

Two years later after living these wild cycles, one day I found myself saying it. And it became a mantra. 

"I am the most powerful witch in the world"

All of a sudden, this magical phrase became mine. And it became real useful. 

It helped me see my power. It helped me trust myself. It helped me be brave and do the scary thing and trust it would work out alright. 

After all, I'm the most powerful witch in the world. Amiright? ;)

Who cares if it wasn't technically true? In that moment, it was true to me. It was a deliciously creative, soulful and sneaky way into my own expansion and good old self confidence and self esteem.

And I was happy to take it. 




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