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The new way of business

There was a seed planted in me in late 2020 that is starting to bear fruits.

After everything we went through last year - I felt a desperate need to reimagine the way I did business. Inspired by the activists and scholars I had been studying reimagining a new world - I began wondering if there was a way to reimagine doing business.

Here's what that means for me:

  • A business that consciously and intentionally does not only prioritize money.
  • A business that consciously exists as part of a community and a world, and acts on the urgency to be a voice of influence and impact for justice and change.
  • A business that honors our inherent worthiness as people and respects our decisions and space.
  • A business that does not seek to emotionally manipulate people to think, want, or choose you- but rather uplifts you and invites you.
  • A business that doesn't talk down to people, and respects that they may not be the (only) answer for you

I'm still in progress of creating the others...

And so, today as you read these words - you may be considering hiring a coach, signing up for a program, buying an online course - I have very simple advice:

Choose the people and experiences that uplift you, that help you strengthen your whole life, that respect your individuality, creativity and magic.

Choose the ones that honor you - rather than remind you of everything you're missing and everything you're not.

I think this is the space for *real* growth.

When you know you're supported, when you know you're surrounded by people who WANT to know the real you, when you recognize your own growth and deepening and are there for you through it. 


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