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The next three months

Uncategorized Oct 03, 2021

Ok, I'm saying this out loud because it is years in the making, and it is finally happening. 

Last month, I sat down for 90 minutes, and I brainstormed on what my podcast could look like 😃:

  • what structure I would use?
  • who I would invite as guests?
  • what I want it to feel like?
  • what impact I want it to have? and
  • I (think) I have the titles of my first 8 episodes.

I have been thinking of starting a podcast for several years

If I'm honest, I simply had not made it important until now.

I convinced myself it would be too overwhelming. That I didn't wanna learn or deal with the tech part. That I didn't want to start and then stop it.

Even as I knew I had so much to share and say. Even as I felt called to dig into subjects we often avoid that are actually running us behind the scenes. Even as my throat chakra was on fire. I sat on it.  

The day finally came. When I got tired of watching myself push off or find excuses for something I have been saying I want for so long.

And so you're the first to hear. I'll be checking in with you all in the coming weeks on the kinds of topics you'd like to see covered 

This email to you is my commitment for this baby to be Live and in your airpods by the end of the year. Maybe by the end of October. I'm feeling ambitious. Keep you posted. I am VERY excited about it. 

How about you, sister?

What are you creating in the next three months? What new projects are ready to be dusted off the shelf and brought to life? 

(I really would love to know and hold that vision with you!)  


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