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The Great Resignation - A reclaiming of power

Reclaiming Our Personal Power

Over the past few weeks we’ve heard so much about The Great Resignation, as millions of people across industries and levels have quit their jobs.

It feels like the collective has turned the volume all the way up, on something I’ve been seeing the past seven years in my work:

The moment when you are so absolutely DONE with the way you've been doing things, and you are ready to make a major shift in your life.

There is a kind of deep satisfaction that only happens when you walk out of a job that you can no longer stand.

You reclaim your power over your own life.

Suddenly you see possibilities you did not see, you are willing to take risks you didn't think you could, you are TIRED of  what you've put up with in the past and you say "no more."

After a year and a half of the strain of this pandemic, we've seen a massive collective shift in our perspective, our priorities, our possibilities. We're looking at our old jobs and so many are saying:

 “Actually - no. I am not going back to that life.”

 Whether you are intentionally seeking a different kind of job or pursuing your own business - this moment is absolutely about moving towards more autonomy, freedom, and creativity on your own terms. 

I made the choice to leave the workplace in 2014 when I quit a job, nine days after I started.

This moment can absolutely be incredibly scary. The unknown and change always are.

I remember being terrified that I would lose my professional reputation after quitting a job so quickly. I remember thinking it would hurt my ability to support my son. As a single mom, I remember feeling desperate and lost. 

And these are the moments your intuition and every spirit guide you have are holding you with everything they've got - so you can listen and have the clarity you need on what's next. 

I felt a certainty with every fiber of my being. It lit a fire under me that only said "Get out of there now", and I never looked back. 

It was at that moment that I somehow knew I would become an entrepreneur, something I had never considered before. I somehow knew would never have another job again. 

I made this decision with many privileges: a master’s degree, no student debt, some financial help from my parents to get started, a solid skillset I knew would support me - even if I didn't understand how.

I was also guided at every step by my intuition that this was my path.

Here’s what I knew:

  • I was tired of dealing with people’s B.S. at work. I realized this was a solid 50% of my actual day to day  job.
  • I wanted to pick up my son at school everyday and hang out with him so much more.
  • I wanted to be as creative as I wanted in my work, and not have great ideas shut down anymore
  • I wanted to go run an errand on a Tuesday afternoon without having to ask my boss for permission
  • I wanted to own my time, work from anywhere, maximize my work and have my Wednesdays feel like Saturdays if I made the choice 

I knew this in my bones and with every part of me. This realization was sudden and unexpected. I can only tell you that my intuition came through loud and clear.

Sometimes, you just gotta burn it down and leave it in the past.

It's the only way the new version of you will rise and create a new beginning that has you at the center, owning your power - guided, trusting, thriving. 

If you find yourself at some phase of this moment, here are some considerations and action steps for you: 

  1. What skill do you have that could sustain you while you figure out what's next?  With this skill, could you freelance, consult, temp somewhere? Is there a part-time job you can get while you figure out your next move?
  2. What do you really want? You may not have a final, definitive answer here - but I encourage you to look in the mirror and get as raw and honest as you've ever been with yourself in answering this question. Actually look in the mirror and ask the question. Dare to be honest even if the answer is inconvenient or seems "unreasonable." Sit with the truth and let it wash over you. Trust that it is surfacing because you are ready for it. 
  3. What do you know for sure? Journal on this one and come back to it over several days. The answer should include subheadings like "The shit I will never put up with again", "The things I do that always bring me joy", "The thing I want to create that keeps coming back to me again and again", "A Day in my Dream Life".  Trust that wherever you are with the answers is perfect for now. Honor the fact that you are now a person brave enough to sit with these questions.
  4. What am I afraid of? Our fears are infinitely less scary when we say them out loud. Write them down on a list and bring awareness to your experience. Your fears will always be there and they do not have to run you or your decision-making. 
  5. Who can help me right now? It's time to ask for help. Open a spreadsheet and write a list of everyone you know that it would be wise to connect with, even if it has been years since you've spoken to them, even if you need an introduction. This is a powerful way of letting the Universe know you are ready for signs and opportunities, and to say it out loud and make it real. You may also recognize it is time to work with a coach that can  guide you in this next phase - supporting you through the big questions and providing motivation and accountability as you move forward with a real plan. 
  6. Pray. I mean this one with all I've got. Pray to whatever divine power you believe in. Ask for clarity and support. Ask for gentleness. Ask for abundance from unexpected sources. Ask for exactly what you need from the depths of your heart. 

The clarity will come. The uncertainty will fade. The next steps will get easier. 

You will get through this, guided by your intuition with trust and real support. ❤️


Reclaiming Our Collective Power

Where the words above are about reclaiming your individual power, these words below are meant to bring some context to how we reclaim a collective power - so that these same burdens don't fall so heavily in the shoulders of our children in the next generation. 

The fact that we find ourselves in this position, in this Great Resignation, is no accident. 

This pandemic has placed a spotlight on the inequalities and outrageous social and economic injustices we face. 

Womxn in the workplace have suffered loss of employment at huge rates - undoing the progress of decades. In exchange for our expanded productivity at work, we receive low pay + awful or no benefits, suffer through high health care, housing and child care costs, high student debt, toxic work environment and the micro and macro aggressions that BIWoC experience everyday. 

Even in the face of a crushing global pandemic, at a national level - the "barely-there" social assistance - compared to other industrialized nations - sent a clear message that our government has many priorities, but a fair shot and our well-being are nowhere near the top of that list. 

The coldness and politicizing discourse that has turned the (truly) collective shared experience that has been Covid-19 into a circus of hate and conspiracy theories where people stand on principle in denial of science has cost many thousands of lives and been absolutely soul crushing. 

For over 40 years we have been increasingly seeing the 1% of this country expand their wealth at the increased expense of the bottom 99%. 

It's no wonder we feel like we have to save our own selves. It's safe to assume no one is coming to save us. 

Some people believe that is the ethos of this country: Everyone out for themselves. I beg to differ. 

I have to. This is my home. And the world I want to be a part of is very different. And I trust my role in moving it in a different direction. 

I believe that a reclamation of our own (true) power leads to burning down old systems, leads to creating economic and political structures rooted in justice, compassion and humanity.

I believe It starts with a womxn who can suddenly hire four people on her team and pay them a living wage. A womxn who decides to run for office and actually stands by her principles and values. A womxn who finds an opportunity to make a massive impact and solve a problem in her community. A womxn who owns her voice and inspires thousands to recognize that we're not in a zero-sum game - that we can all prosper.  

Because our true power has us root in the TRUTH that a path that would have us only looking out for ourselves is based on fear, scarcity, and smallness. I know that when we heal ourselves, recognize our Shadow, lean into vulnerability, sit with our stillness - go all the way in on an intuitive life, we are called to integrity. We can no longer stand by and pretend that we are not all connected. We are called into our own humanity at a level we never have before - and we recognize that there is no reclaiming of true power that ignores that we are part of a community and we are in this together. 

And I know many times these stories start with one womxn saying "enough is enough", getting mad as hell, and quitting a sh*tty job.



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