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This space comes from a longing for going deeper and digging into the juicy magic of our lives. Here you'll find real stories, inspiration, connection, ease, abundance and joy.





The next three months

Oct 03, 2021

Ok, I'm saying this out loud because it is years in the making, and it is finally happening. 

Last month, I sat down for 90 minutes, and I brainstormed on what my podcast could look like 😃:

  • what structure I would use?
  • who I would invite as guests?
  • what I want it to feel like?
  • what impact I want it to have? and
  • I (think) I have the titles of my first 8 episodes.

I have been thinking of starting a podcast for several years

If I'm honest, I simply had not made it important until now.

I convinced myself it would be too overwhelming. That I didn't wanna learn or deal with the tech part. That I didn't want to start and then stop it.

Even as I knew I had so much to share and say. Even as I felt called to dig into subjects we often avoid that are actually running us behind the scenes. Even as my throat chakra was on fire. I sat on it.  

The day finally came. When I got tired of watching myself push off or find excuses for something I have been saying I want...

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The Time for this Space 🌷

Sep 29, 2021

I spent the better part of the last 12 years working with big brands and individuals helping them to tell their stories. Since becoming an entrepreneur, I've always strived to tell my own - in the most authentic, consistent, and raw way that I knew how to. 

This year has been such an invitation to deepen: 

  • I left my role as CEO of the organization I ran for 2.5 years
  • My son and I moved in with my partner and his children
  • I took the Summer off for the first time in my life

I'm re-emerging and feeling a rebirth in so many different ways. And here's what I hear and am being powerfully called towards:

Depth, Focus, Intimacy, Truth, Impact, Rest, Joy. 

Something about turning 40 and embracing the sacred feminine in me has made me (even more) allergic to gimmicks, trends, and fads. I want to own my energy, and I want the spaces I show up in to reflect and honor the profound healing and power that I have to share. 

And so a blog. This is where I feel called to put my...

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The most powerful witch in the world

Sep 28, 2021

There's a woman that I follow that you've probably heard me mention many times. Her name is Carolyn Elliott. I met her at a conference in the Spring of 2016, and I became an immediate fan.

She was bold, unapologetic, quirky AF and fully owning her self expression and authenticity. She introduced herself as a witch. 

I saw in her everything that was true and asleep in me. 

I soon took several of Carolyn's courses, In early 2017, in one of those courses, she asked us to say "I am the most powerful witch in the world." 

I was so triggered I stopped the course right there altogether. I was all...

"That's not true!"

"How could I say that?!"

"It's so presumptuous!"

"This is not for me."

My "brujaness" to me, is all about owning my wholeness, my purpose, and my connection to the divine - to Mother Earth, my ancestors, my guides and angels. Owning my path, my spiritual practices, honoring my own divinity. That owning has been a process. 

And the last four...

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My true inheritance

Sep 20, 2021

The women in my family have been reading our "tazas" for each other for as long as I can remember. We do these readings mainly when we all get together, which happens a few times a year.

After dinner, someone starts making the cafecito and we all know what's coming. These gatherings are spiritual, powerful, and this energy takes over us. We end up staying up really late, sharing stories and feeling the love and presence of our ancestors around us. 

The older we all get, the deeper our intuition and the stronger our knowing and our bond to one another. 

I have known that these moments together with the women of my family and these gifts - which always felt private and hidden - were my true inheritance.

For every time it felt forced to walk into a Catholic church in my youth, these nights with the women in my family feel like home in a way nothing else ever has. There is deep love in these moments - it feels ancient and so special. 

I recently realized...

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The new way of business

Sep 01, 2021

There was a seed planted in me in late 2020 that is starting to bear fruits.

After everything we went through last year - I felt a desperate need to reimagine the way I did business. Inspired by the activists and scholars I had been studying reimagining a new world - I began wondering if there was a way to reimagine doing business.

Here's what that means for me:

  • A business that consciously and intentionally does not only prioritize money.
  • A business that consciously exists as part of a community and a world, and acts on the urgency to be a voice of influence and impact for justice and change.
  • A business that honors our inherent worthiness as people and respects our decisions and space.
  • A business that does not seek to emotionally manipulate people to think, want, or choose you- but rather uplifts you and invites you.
  • A business that doesn't talk down to people, and respects that they may not be the (only) answer for you

I'm still in progress of creating the others...

And so, today...

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Your Guide to Spring Equinox Creation

Mar 20, 2021

The Spring Equinox is here, a time for fertility, blooming, and creation. A time for beginnings. 

It's the sun in your face, fresh flowers, and your favorite song carrying you through.

What will you create this season?

This question can feel daunting - whether we know or don't know what's next for us.

And so, I've prepared a quick guide to your very own Spring Equinox creation

  1. Who do you want to become? Imagine yourself in mid-Summer 2021. How do you want to live, feel, vibe? What are you prioritizing? What has been overcome? What are you stepping into? 
  2. What actions will support you? Feel into this not-so-distant "future you". What can you do today to get closer to her? What choices can you make? Is it a new habit? A new mindset? A new intention? What does it look like when you prioritize it in your life? Get as specific as you can. What actions will...
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Is it time to retire that story?

Feb 14, 2021

Tuesday, February 16th will be my ninth anniversary living in Miami. 

{Deep exhale}

Nine years ago was was an incredibly difficult time for me. I had a one-year old, I was emotionally crushed and in the middle of a divorce, I left my beloved Brooklyn and my dear friends. I moved here to be closer to family. I was heartbroken, lost, and thought I would have to settle in a city that circumstances chose for me. 

It was rough. Really rough. 

You know how many times I told that story in my life?

Too. Many. F*ckin. Times. 

That's how many. 

Every time I would bring it up, I would feel the weight and sadness of it. The emotional charge was palpable. I would feel my righteousness. All the unresolved anger of that time. It kept me from making a real home here. It kept me feeling like a victim. 

It took a lot of years to see it, heal it, and recognize that I had allowed that story to define me for far too long. It took...

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The annual lessons (2020 Edition)

Dec 14, 2020

Every December, I share my lessons for the year. 

And then, there's 2020.

On the year that brought us a global pandemic, a massive opportunity to shift in consciousness (and also brought me my 40th birthday), the lessons went deeper than they ever have.

Here we go: 

  • I am finally OK with others' discomfort, when it is a result of my authenticity. For my entire life I have molded how I show up - particularly around some people close to me - to keep the peace, to not ruffle feathers. Well, that's done. I'm going to be who I am always. I wish you luck with your discomfort. 
  • I am owning my full power, more than ever before. I recognize the irony here. I spend my days supporting women to own their power. This year I recognized all the places I was still holding back from fully owning and expressing it -  using burnout and overwhelm as excuses to not create what I really wanted. I finally got real. I started living as my future...
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"You're actually the best person to teach about Pleasure"

Oct 16, 2020

When I started feeling the call to create a program on Pleasure, it felt guided, joyful, and so right. I was deep in the flow. 

And then, shortly before I announce it - I woke up one day with this one loud thought "Who am I to talk about pleasure? I feel like a fraud."

This thought shook me. I felt a sinking feeling of "Maybe I need to cancel this."

Luckily, I have learned to rely on my people. My friend Jaime saw right through my bullshit and very matter-of-factly shared: 

"You're actually the best person to teach about pleasure."

And suddenly it all made perfect sense. 

I am the "structure" person. I am the person who finds it hard to let go, and not have everything planned. I am the person who needs a solid schedule. I am the person who grew up prioritizing the to-do list and never finding time for pure enjoyment. I am the person who couldn't enjoy myself without feeling guilty. 

I have suffered this internal battle for much of my life. 

I am also...

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The expectations reset we all need

Jul 29, 2020

The past couple of weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster for me.

Between health scares, losing a family friend to covid-19, heavy and unexpected ups and downs with family and friends - it has been...a lot. 

And at the same time, I've become better than ever at something really important: honoring my emotional and mental health. 

That has meant postponing meetings, pushing back deadlines, ordering takeout and rewatching old shows (right now it's Frasier)

"Old Me" would have felt guilty AF about all of this. I would have had to be in a hospital to not work. Now? I know it's the smartest thing I can do. 

In the rush to get back to normal, we get to re-evaluate our society's obsession with productivity and profit, over your wellbeing.

As so many entrepreneurs are struggling to keep their businesses afloat in this environment, there is also an opportunity to rethink your business from a new consciousness. 

If you were making yourself sick...

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