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This space comes from a longing for going deeper and digging into the juicy magic of our lives. Here you'll find real stories, inspiration, connection, ease, abundance and joy.





Walking with the fear (defining Shadow work)

Mar 02, 2020

Recently one of our Comadres asked me to dive deeper into what I meant by "Shadow work."

I had been feeling intuitively that this was something I needed to address much more head on, and so the message from the universe came loud and clear. 

Your "Shadow" is your fear. It's the part of you that is scared, terrified of the unknown, unwilling to take risks or alter the status quo. It's the voice in your head that has you wondering whether you should really go for that opportunity, making you feel "less than". Your Shadow leads to self sabotage, paralysis, outbursts, and a whole lot of stress. 

It's the subconscious at work producing the opposite result of the thing that you say you want (e.g., money, love, impact, success, connection).

It's also a real and genuine part of you. And all she really wants is to keep you safe.  

And yet, so much of what we find on the topic is along the lines of "F*ck your fears!" This approach is incredibly...

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The most important skill to cultivate as an entrepreneur

Feb 24, 2020

Recently I have fully integrated an important lesson, that I can't wait to share with you: 

Embracing change is the ABSOLUTE most important skill you can develop as an entrepreneur. I actually think it's one of the most valuable practices to adopt to ease into your WHOLE life. 

Over the past month we made some changes to our Las Comadres community. They were necessary for us to remain sustainable and build from a strong place as we grow and provide an incredible experience to every woman here. With the changes came an invitation for us all to level up and step into big and bold together.

While some embraced and celebrated these changes, I was cracked open, feeling others' resistance to the same news. It was honestly an emotional rollercoaster on several occasions.They were reflecting my own fears and resistance back to me. 

And suddenly one day, I decided to remember that I am guided, that I am supported, that I can let go, stop resisting, and flow with...

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