A one on one coaching program 


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This 1:1 coaching program is fully and completely personalized to you, your priorities, goals, needs, and experiences. We get straight to the root of what you want to create. We will move through cycles to build your intuitive wisdom, resilience, and alignment as you step into your most powerful self. 

It will be juicy, spacious, guided, in-flow. 

We will move through powerful action, and you will step into becoming the womxn you know you can be. 

In that space there’s an embodying of abundance and dreaming really big that takes place. It’s something you get to carry through, and know you will be powerfully and lovingly held accountable to making it real.  

Gaby’s guidance has been pure magic for this phase of my business and life. From the first conversation, I knew I had found a kindred spirit who was going to be the ideal partner for my business.

She took me through a heartfelt process of visualizing the life I want and then helped me craft a plan to call in my dream life, clients, and opportunities.

I quickly started to see results and look forward to continuing to collaborate with Gaby on taking my dreams to even greater heights.

-Cristina Aguilar, Advocacy & Policy Strategist 

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Let's do this.

There are moments when you know you need deeper support. You know there is something amazing on the other side for you, and you are ready to be guided there.

When we work together I am committed to you and creating a plan aligned with your vision, your truth, your abundance, and your real life. 

You can do this. We start here. 

Let's connect and make this happen

"I had an idea for a new business, but could not even articulate it. In two strategy sessions with Gaby I was able to get out of my head, and get clear on my concept. Gaby provided just the right type of feedback, guidance, structure and grounding for me to put my business concept into words and begin working on actionable items. I am so grateful for her encouragement, ability to see ME and to help me to define my ideas."

- Tailer Senior, Holistic Design 

What we cover together

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We start by setting your intention. We get clear on the energy you want to embody, how you will move through and with your fears, how you will seal everything you are becoming within you. 

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You will connect to your future self and be fully present to and clear on what your North is. We will practice committing to the vision and allowing you to be guided in the how. 

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I will hold you through creating a real plan for making it all real, and support you through the inspired action and accountability in bringing your vision to life - both within you and in your world. 

About Me

I live my days committed to empowering women to find freedom through being their full, authentic selves. 

I've recognized that the root of this work comes through the strength of your spirit. - how deeply you know and love yourself, how you live in relationship to your fears, how willing you are to look at the full, real picture of your desires and go out and claim them as yours. 

This work to me is sacred, guided, and fully intuitively led. When we show up this way for each other, we invite that level of truth and depth into whatever space we are in. In my experiences, I often hear: "I thought I was coming here for X, but after being here I recognize that what I want is Y. What I've always wanted is Y."

When you claim your desires and trust yourself, you are an unstoppable force. And I am here to hold space, guide, and remind you. I am here to hold you to your highest self and your highest vision with fire, heart, and steadfast support. 

I have been coaching womxn entrepreneurs since 2015. My previous experience ranges from Consulting to Advertising. I'm a certified Reiki Professional and Feng Shui practitioner. I am a strategist and planner to my core; so anytime we meet you receive the benefit of the bruja channelling guided messages to you, and the strategist guiding you to make your desires real. It blends beautifully in the work we co-create through these one-on-one experiences. 

Working with Gaby was a true joy! She's a passionate coach. She's intuitive and fearless while also providing pragmatic, hands-on guidance.

I would work with her again in a heartbeat!

- Marta Baez, Brand Strategist & Creative Director

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Choose a 1-1 strategy session or coaching program. 

I'm ready.

My time with Gaby was intentional, guided & productive. After every call I felt inspired and ready to take on the world through my project. It was great to express my dream company and have her see the vision for + with me.

She helped me figure out every step necessary to launch + provided an entire business development plan using my voice.  She pulled out my business blueprints by asking the right questions, she even completed my sentences when I couldn't find the words.

I have already recommended her services to two other friends. If you're serious about making your plans come true then invest in them. It's hard to start a business alone but when you hire a professional such as Gaby you're able to have a plan without having to think of every single little thing on your own. Half the battle is starting and it feels overwhelming to try to figure all this stuff out on your own. The best part of all of this is the resources & community Gaby has to help make you prosper.

- Jainiz Sanchez, Fashion Stylist