Doing The Thing:

A deep dive, six-week, intimate group experience of vision, clarity, planning, and inspiration for your business - with Gaby Guzman and Jaime Nolan, Co-Founders of Las Comadres

The day comes when you're just READY. 

You have been thinking about starting (or growing) this business for a long time; long enough to know you need support to make it happen. There is something bigger than you propelling you in this direction.

You know this is for you to create.

And you're not sure where to start, or how to give shape and order to all the pieces. You're not seeing the progress you wish you had, and there are moments when you're afraid that your fears may overpower you.

Here's what you get to know and remember:

You are a powerful, intuitive, strategic boss.

We would love to help you clear out what's blocking you, strategize and see you through action - so you can own it once and for all.

You'll walk out with the clarity and plan you need to make this dream a reality. 

I'm so in.





We are Gaby & Jaime, Co-Founders of the thriving, inclusive community of self-identifying women entrepreneurs, Las Comadres

After years of friendship, collaborations and running a business together, we have realized the amplified impact when we come together to support your growth. 

Gaby is a soulful Libra who loves turning ideas into concrete plans. She takes the pieces that feel like a mess, and helps give them order and shape to craft a story and business plan that is 100% true to you.  

Jaime is a powerful Taurus who will have you grounding in your greatest vision, and knowing you can thrive at the things that might feel impossible right now. Jaime helps you own and face your fears with perspective, heart and courage. 

We've come together to create an experience that will  spark a new and powerful chapter in your life. 


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We have designed an experience for entrepreneurs who are ready, and prefer a focused, transformational experience, in a short period of time

We are limiting this program to 10 womxn who are ready for insights, breakthroughs and results.

Your Deep-Dive Experience runs from October 21st through December 2nd, and will consist of:

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Step 1: Pre-Work:  

Complete selected exercises that will connect you to your vision and prepare you to make the most of our sessions. 

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Step 2: Group Strategy Session (I)

Join the first 3-hour strategy session to define your brand, vision, goals, understand your patterns and how they manifest in your business. 

Scheduled for: Wednesday, Oct. 21st 9AM - 12PM EST

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Step 3: Group Strategy Session (II)

Mid-point through the program, we meet for a second 3-hour strategy session is completely custom to you and where you need to focus: from storytelling to breaking negative patterns. You will walk out with a calendar of milestones and a plan to accomplish them. 

Scheduled for: Wednesday, Nov. 11th 9AM - 12PM EST

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Step 4: Accountability & Closing Session

Throughout the six week program, you will have access to a private community on Mighty Networks for this program. You can use this space to connect with others in the group, and ask Gaby & Jaime questions, check-ins, feedback, encouragement and accountability so you can follow through with your plans. A 1-hr closing session will powerfully launch you into your next steps! 

Closing Session Scheduled for: Wednesday, Dec. 2nd from 11AM - 12PM EST

The reason you have this dream is because it is yours to create


We're inviting you to a deep-dive, intimate group experience that will finally turn things around. After just one session, you'll start waking up with a fire inside you and the clarity you've been craving to move this forward. After our two sessions, you'll have the clear step-by-step plan to make it happen. We remain connected for a full six weeks to hold you to it. 

What our clients have to share...

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"Gaby Guzman and Jaime Nolan are incredible! I am awe of this. My program is happening. This dream is happening. The more I do the work, the more the path of abundance, prosperity and well being is opening up in front of me." 

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"Gaby helped me birth this vision. She is amazing, sweet, patient, and loving. And when she's in guiding women entrepreneurs through the fear and shame that comes up, she is so skillful in helping you move through it. It takes a special kind of person to harness my fire, and she did it in a way that I feel cared for, held. I felt like I was doing work with a sister friend.

Gaby blessed and upgraded my life." 

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"Working with Jaime has been the scariest yet best decision I've ever made. She held me accountable until I could hold myself accountable. She helped me "do the thing."

She helped me take all my ideas, hopes, dreams, and goals and formulate them into something tangible. She helped me come up with a plan and execute on it. When I became insecure or doubtful, she reminded me of why I was doing it all in the first place and gave me ways to remind myself."

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Meet Your Coaches


Gaby Guzman, Co-Founder of Las Comadres is a Business Coach, Strategist and “Madrina.” Over the past five years, Gaby has helped hundreds of women entrepreneurs find their voice, tell their stories, and incorporate soul-work and strategy into businesses where they thrive, their way. She is committed to helping women become who they really are, so they can be free.

Originally from Dominican Republic, Gaby’s career experience ranges from Management Consulting to Advertising and Communications.

Gaby lives in Miami with her son. She is passionate about energy work, beautiful interiors, Mexican food and civic engagement.

Meet your Coaches


Jaime Nolan is a Life Coach and Business Strategist. Over the last fifteen years Jaime has helped hundreds of people find their true self and live the life they dream of. She is committed to helping people share big ideas and to see their greatness, by turning chaos into calm, so that they can see their true potential. Jaime’s career experience ranges from Health and Wellness to Mindset work.

Jaime is a mom to three girls, she is the friend who will always be there for you and help you believe that you can do hard things. She will never refuse a cafecito and she will always offer to drive. 


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We have opened up 10 spots for this one-of-a-kind, exclusive experience, running from October 21st - December 2nd. 

I'm so ready for this. Let's do it.