Get started with these programs that will guide you as you get closer to your joy and your power - so you can create the life you dream of. 



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Pleasure Quest

The womxn I work with everyday are often exhausted, overwhelmed with things to do and a mental load they can barely handle. They are losing themselves in the process.

I am inviting you to choose and commit to your pleasure.

Pleasure is the vibration of abundance, flow, creation, freedom. Pleasure brings you BACK to who you are. 

You'll be invited to experience it your way - dance, meditate, create rituals, share, journal, and BE - in a space designed to bring you back to yourself.

I'm ready to reclaim my pleasure
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Intuitive Business Ritual

It's time to break out of the cycle. There's a toxic cycle many of us are familiar with when it comes to planning our businesses. It involves comparison, seeking outside approval, paralysis, doubt. 

You can choose to find clarity, build a plan that works for you, and learn to trust yourself. 

The Intuitive Business Ritual is a visual business plan, designed to help you plan your business with joy, abundance and flow. 

I want a business rooted in my intuition and my joy