Future Self Vibes

The clarity you seek is already within you.

Connect with your wisest advisor, your Future Self, through powerful prompts that invite you to dive deep into your intuition. This is an experience where you will be guided to: (1) Clearly define the core elements of what you desire and (2) Get inspired to create. 

Important Note: This link will bring you to a PDF you can print and complete. If you would prefer to complete an electronic version of this worksheet, you can do so here. You will be able to receive your responses via email. 


What you wish to create is yours to bring to life.

And you can do it YOUR way.


The Future Self Vibes Worksheet walks you through a deeply intuitive experience where you will: 

  • The full sensorial experience you will create
  • The energetic vibration you will embody
  • The impact you will create with your business
  • The kind of business owner you wish to become
  • The support structure that will hold you through it

May these answers hold you as you create a thriving, beautiful, and impactful business and step into the highest vision of you. 




“Working with Gaby was a true joy! She's a passionate coach. She's intuitive and fearless while also providing pragmatic, hands-on guidance. I would work with her again in a heartbeat!” 


- Marta Baez, Brand Strategist & Creative Director

About Gaby Guzman

Gaby is an Intuitive Business Coach, Strategist and Community Builder committed to helping women become who they are so they can be free. She blends strategy, soul work, and sisterhood to support women in creating the lives and businesses they desire, through 1:1 coaching, masterminds, and online experiences.