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Build a Plan. 

Learn to Trust Yourself. 

If you're ready to run a business that brings you joy, abundance, and flow - you're in the right place. 

It's time to get create the business you've been dreaming of.

Welcome to The Intuitive Business Ritual

"I felt like I was stuck, and I didn't know what I wanted to do next. From the moment I started The Intuitive Business Ritual, I knew I was being guided, step-by-step, and the CLARITY started to come. I could make time for my business in a way that felt like self care. Now it's a daily reminder of my dreams and plans."

- Xenia Marcinko, Video Producer

Get crystal CLEAR on where you are going, with a business PLAN that you can't wait to get started on.

With "The Intuitive Business Ritual", I will guide you step-by-step as you find your own answers, and build a thriving business from the ground up. And we'll do it with authenticity, trust, and joy.

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It's time to break out of this cycle

There's a toxic cycle many of us are familiar with when it comes to planning our businesses. This is how it plays out:

  • You ask for everyone else's opinion
  • You compare yourself to others
  • You're scared, doubtful, and second guess your decisions
  • You become paralyzed 
  • You actions are based on outside expectations
  • You cross your fingers and hope it sticks
  • It doesn't work out as planned
  • You feel overwhelmed and defeated
  • You start all over again

I've seen it play out time and time again with my clients.

It only shifts when you truly make space and learn to trust yourself first, connect to your purpose, and build a business from THERE. 

A sneak peek into The Intuitive Business Ritual

This visual Business Plan integrates strategy & soul in these powerful 10 Modules:

1. Buckets: Focus on what matters to see your growth. The Buckets covers your priorities across your income, marketing, and personal life

2. Big Picture: Define your big goals for the year and make them happen with quarterly priorities

3. Rituals: Create the mantras and rituals that will ground you to remain connected to your highest vision everyday

4. Week: Plan your weeks and your day to day strategically, so you can bring flow & potency to your life and business

5. Core Brand: Define your brand with the essential exercises that are the foundation of your business

6. Manifest Now: Get clear and make space for what you’re calling in to your life and business

7. Abundance: Get crystal clear on how much money you are going to make this year, and learn how to stay in the vibration of abundance in a way that works for you, with pleasure and clarity

8. Story: Not sure what you have to share online? Get clear on exactly how to tell your story and connect to the joy of sharing your passion with your community

9. Social: This is your core social media strategy. Define exactly where will you tell your story, the strategy, and the frequency you will commit to

10. Bonus - Magic Envelope: Connect to your magic by calling in your greatest, boldest dreams

"When I signed up, I needed to figure out how I could structure my business. "The Intuitive Business Ritual" is a visual business plan, and I took my time with it. Every card felt like its own sacred process. I've used other business plans and there's no connection to the heart. This process invites you to see what comes up for you. I had a chance to listen to myself and my heart to grow my business." 

- Jersey Garcia, Family Therapist

How The Intuitive Business Ritual Works

This is a practice designed for you to get CLEAR and create a PLAN, for a thriving business from your deepest authenticity, with joy and flow. There are three key steps in this process

Step 1: Watch the Videos

I'll walk you through, every step of the way to reflect, get clear, and complete your cards.  (10 videos)


Step 2: Complete Your Cards

You'll complete 10 exercises in beautifully designed cards covering everything from your time management, to your online story & manifesting rituals. (9 cards and one BONUS exercise)


Step 3: Create Your Board

Gather your completed cards, your favorite elements, light your candles, play some music you love, and create your Board. Everyday you will be reminded of your dreams and your plans to make them real!


The Real Impact of The Intuitive Business Ritual

When you complete your ritual, here's what you'll experience:

1. You'll enjoy sweet CLARITY on your role, what's next, and your vision in your business (for good).

No more seeking the big answers outside of you. You will KNOW how you're making money, telling your story, planning your time. And you'll know where to ask for help.

2. You'll create an execution plan that you're actually excited about

I'll walk you through defining your inspired action plan on all your business essentials (i.e., brand, income, focus)

3. You'll learn to trust yourself again

You create a  personalized practice that brings joy back to your business through your intuition and your creativity

4. You'll have a powerful daily reminder of your highest vision and purpose

With "The Board Ritual" you'll define daily rituals to keep you connected to your highest intentions, as a reminder that the big answers are always within you. With your Board on your wall, you'll remember daily where you are going and how you are getting there. 

When you join The Intuitive Business Ritual you get instant (and lifetime) access to all of this...

This is a practice most women revisit at least twice a year. You can come back to your cards anytime there is a transition in your life, or for a quarterly strategic review of your business.

(2) Meditations

Listen to a grounding and a future self meditation before you start the process, so you are truly ready to begin. 

(10) Videos

I walk you through each exercise in a step-by-step video, guiding you through creating your own experience.  

(10) Exercises

Complete 9 cards and 1 BONUS exercise as you get clear on everything from your brand to your abundance. 

LIVE Zoom Calls

Join us for regular LIVE Zoom calls when I answer your questions and you meet the community

"I wanted to get focused on the things bringing in income, and I was tired of being stretched thin. Once you start watching the videos, you trust that you can do it on your own and do the whole board with your own intuition and intention. The Intuitive Business Ritual has strategy and also supports your inner KNOWING."

- Kathy Rivera, Yogi

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It's time to create the business you've always wanted.

"Moving through the steps of The Intuitive Business Ritual helped me clearly define my values and how I want to show up in my work.

It was a grounding and restorative experience. I felt so much more connected to myself."

- Natalia Giordano, Leadership Consultant 

I'm Gaby. 

I empower women to be who they truly are so they can be free, through strategy, energy work, and community. Two years ago, I was going through a major transition in my business. I was known as a social media coach but my heart wasn't in it anymore.I felt like it no longer fit who I was. I had been studying energy work and I knew I had so much more to give. I was feeling called to shed and reclaim who I am and my vision. 

I had a fire under me like never before. And so, The Intuitive Business Ritual was born.

I sat down and all of me came to play - the strategist, the bruja, the Feng Shui practitioner, the mother. What would my new story be? How would I bring in income? Where would I focus? What would my new rituals and mantras be? What would I manifest?

I got grounded. 

I asked myself all the key business and manifestation questions. 

I wrote my answers in 5x7 index cards. 

That simple act would transform my life and business.

It led me straight to where I am today: Co-Founder of a thriving community of 130+ women entrepreneurs, Las Comadres, and to build online experiences that have impacted the lives of 100+ women just like you.


The buckets exercise was THE game changer for me. For the first time in my life I could see my business clearly. For years I was looking for the clarity I got from this practice. I invested thousands on schooling, coaching, all the things...and nothing was as powerful as this ritual. Do yourself a favor. Invest in yourself by working with Gaby and her Intuitive Business Ritual.

- Giselle Macias, Interior Designer & Creative Director

"It was the first time I had invested in myself. I felt ready. I needed guidance. I was feeling lost and needed direction. I got  the CLARITY and GUIDANCE I was looking for here. 

So many other ads feel spammy and fake. The Intuitive Business Ritual felt warm and personalized. It’s for the person to find their answers.

I knew you would guide me through it, and I still made this experience happen for myself.  

It was the full alignment." 

- Elizabet Abraham, Dance Therapist

I'm wondering about...

The Intuitive Business Ritual will be available to you immediately. 

This is an experience you get to complete - creating your sacred space for you and your intuition. Through the videos, I will walk you through every step of the way. You can add questions and comments right on the modules of this experience. I will also host a LIVE 60-min group coaching webinar every other month to answer all your questions about completing The Intuitive Business Ritual. If you can’t make the webinar live, you can always access the recording.

You can choose to complete the entire practice in one full day, or space it out. You’ll know what’s right for you. I recommend that you allow a minimum of 90-min intervals to fully dive into the experience every time.

You will need a printer to print your cards, a journal, and a pen. I also recommend that you gather objects that are sacred, special, and beautiful to you. Ideas include: old photos, palo santo, images from magazines, quotes, candles, and music that lights you up.  

Within 30 days, if you feel like The Intuitive Business Ritual has not created space for you to connect deeper to your truth and plan your business, you will receive a full refund. If you have questions about whether this is right for you, please email [email protected], and we’ll do our best to answer. We want you to feel 100% ready to dive in and embrace this experience when you jump in.

Please email [email protected] with any questions, and we'll get back to you! 

"When I realized that could divide my productivity into weekly areas of focus, everything opened up. It gave me professional confidence to show up show up as all of me! I found myself getting 4 new clients within the first two weeks that I started owning my time, and they keep on coming!"

- Miriam Soberanes, Graphic Designer & Visual Artist

Give yourself the gift of intuition, clarity and and a plan you love.


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