Intuitive Business Mastermind

Start or grow your business, rooted in your Intuitive Wisdom

From January through May, 2022


I am ready to save my spot!

Starting or growing your business feels really expansive and exciting. 

This is your baby!

This is the thing you feel called to create more than anything else in the world. This is the impact you love and the flow you crave. 

And then, inevitably - the contractions come: 

  • Am I making the right decision?
  • Will I ever be confident enough to charge my worth?
  • How can I get organized and prioritize what’s next?
  • How can I let go of fears and trust myself more?
  • How can I stop comparing myself to others? 

When we don’t have the right practices and support structure, these fears and insecurities start to snowball.

They become your default, and they become the energy you bring when you meet with a client, work on creating a new program, or plan your time. 

You manage to get by, and deep down you know you’re holding back.

The self sabotage is real. 

And there is another way.

It takes the courage to look within. 

When you choose to deepen your relationship with your intuition, you get clear, you trust yourself, and you’re driven by inspiration and inspired action


You make your thriving business a reality. 

Imagine what it will feel like to finally: 
🌿  Get organized and know you are in flow as you work
🌿  Trust every business decision you make with full clarity
🌿  Confidently share your brand and story with the world
🌿  Break through the resistance and the blocks to own your power
🌿  Be supported and be held accountable in an intimate and powerful community


Welcome to your

Intuitive Business Mastermind

From Gaby:

This is a powerful space, where we all hold an intentional energy of growth, abundance, and sisterhood. From here, we take action. 


I'm so ready.
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This experience is for you... 

 If you have big plans, and you don't want to go through it alone.

If you're starting or growing a business

If you're a leader with an important project to take on

If you're ready to be more intentional and strategic, and less reactive


If you're ready to move outside of the framework of burnout and stress

If you're ready to take inspired action, trust what you are creating, and work in your flow

If you're ready to be held accountable in a loving, supportive, and powerful intimate community

Our Masterminders' Experience


After being stuck for months in the initial phase of my business, this  Mastermind was like calling AAA after an accident.

You showed up, changed the tire, dragged me out of the ditch and taught me how to get myself out if it ever happens again. 

-Andrea Cid, CEO Miami Growth Machine


This mastermind is  the BEST investment I have done  for myself in a really long time. I came to this class to help me focus on growing my business and I got that and so much more than I ever expected.

I would recommend this Mastermind to any woman looking to grow more into her true self.  

-Janel Kilnisan, Photographer


This business is my baby and in this program, I get to share it with people who really understand. This is for someone who is starting their business or doing it for some time, and running into roadblocks. Maybe you've been doing a LOT instead of connecting with who you need to BE to run this business. If you're looking for this lasting change, this mastermind is for you.

-Virginia Jimenez, Founder Lovecamp

The Impact of the Intuitive Business Mastermind


Move through your fears, trust your vision, and root in your intuition - in service of your business.


Get organized, define and execute on the strategy that will help you thrive.


Be held accountable to it all, in a supportive and intimate community.

Make 2022 the year you create the business you've been dreaming of. We'll do it together. 

I'm in!

My name is Gaby, and I'm so glad you're here. 

My goal is that you fully realize what you want to create and who you want to become.

Running a business is deeply personal. It can bring up your deepest insecurities. It also offers you a space to fully recognize and own your power. I've been through it all, many times. 

When I launched my business in 2014, I knew that soul-work and community would be what would ground me through it. 

Today, I've coached hundreds of women to create their dreams, through masterminds, workshops, a growing online course business. 

I define my success in that I wake up in the morning with peace in my heart and a powerful drive to help women become who they are, so they can be free. 

I trust that I am guided, and I am thrilled to take on my days with curiosity, joy, and connection. 

This is the vibe we'll share for the Intuitive Business Mastermind. I am thrilled for you to join us. 

Intuitive Business is about making space for cultivating and trusting:

your own wisdom
your own path
your own pace
your own purpose
and your own definition of success. 
Knowing that when fears come up, you have a Shadow work practice that brings you back to you and your wholeness. 

This is the version of you who shows up - to strategize, to plan, to create, to make an impact. 

This is how you make sure your progress and growth is lasting and real

You are aligned, ready, and in flow. And it feels so damn good. 


Imagine living this way - all the time. 

And now, imagine learning to live and lead this way alongside an intimate community of heart-centered powerful sisters - coming together with a shared collective intention that uplifts all of us. 

How It Works


Two Mastermind Meetings Per Month:

Every month you'll participate in two 90-minute group coaching calls. Group calls will be limited to small groups, so everyone can receive personalized attention.  

GROUP 1: Calls will be held every other Tuesday from 12pm - 1:30pm EST

GROUP 2: Calls will be held every other Tuesday from 7pm - 8:30pm EST


An Online Community of Support

You'll have access to an online platform where you can:

  • share your wins
  • ask questions
  • get assigned to accountability buddies
  • receive ongoing support from the community
  • Have daily access to me and the weekly Ask Gaby's where I answer your questions in detail on video. 


BONUS: One 1:1 strategy session with me

Half-way through the program, we will connect for a 30-minute power strategy session, to dive deeper into your clarity, your strategic priorities,  your plan. 

This is the space that will guide you with the tools, guidance, and accountability you need to make it happen. 
I'm signing up!

I am thrilled to be able to offer these bonuses as part of your experience.

All bonuses valued at $797

BONUS: Three Workshops

Throughout the Mastermind you'll be invited to: Opening The Circle Vision Boarding, My Intuitive Pitch, and Practical Marketing with Abundance - three action-driven workshops to move you forward with your Mastermind goals. 

Value: $250

BONUS: Access to Intuitive Business Ritual Course

Get access to this powerful experience and learn to listen to your intuition, trust your inner wisdom in order to plan and follow through with the business of your dreams. (Formerly known as The Board Ritual).

Value: $297

BONUS: 1:1 Strategy Session with Gaby

We'll connect virtually on a one-on-one, 30-minute video call to assess your progress, help you get clear, and go deeper into your strategic plan. 

Value: $250

"I am ready to save my spot"

It's time to step into the confident, soulful, powerful boss you are. You get bi-monthly mastermind calls, an online community, accountability every month, a 1:1 session with Gaby, plus all the bonuses valued at almost $800. Limited spots available.
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Our Masterminders' Experience


This Mastermind is for someone who wants the space and guidance to figure some sh*t out. It's for someone who wants to be accountable to show up for themselves. I am very particular about who I allow to hold space for me and you embody the things you teach very authentically in a way that is inspiring and fun to be around. 

- Shanté Haymore-Kearney, Founder of Brown Goddess Collective


Gaby has a way to encourage you without telling you what to do, and with that encouragement you realize, "Yes, I am capable to do it!" With support, you come up with your strategy and get the support and validation you need.

We were all there for different reasons and we got into a common ground and accomplished what we were there to accomplish. 

Lilian Santini, Brand Strategist and Founder - The Copper Portico



If you are looking to do the work, accountability, guidance, and a soulful intuitive approach then this is the right program for you. I leave refreshed and ready to conquer the world after our Tuesday virtual meetups.

This program has helped me detangle myself from fear. 

- Jainiz Sanchez, Fashion Stylist and Founder - A Soul Edit

Frequently Asked Questions

Give yourself this gift.



Start 2022 with the support structure to create everything you desire. 


Let's do this.