Intuitive Business Plan


A gorgeous set of cards and exercises to create a business plan rooted in powerful strategy and your deepest intuitive wisdom.  

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What you get: Unboxing the Intuitive Business Plan

Intuitive Business Plan:

It's time to create a business that honors your own inner wisdom.

Our intuition guides us as we choose our partners, decide on a big move, or make major life decisions.  But so many of us doubt ourselves when it comes to our work and business.

It's time to invite our sacred wisdom into our work. The Intuitive Business Plan walks  you through a DIY, creative, strategic and soulful experience where you are guided to: 

  • Create sacred space for yourself 

  • Follow step-by-step instructions to create your business plan

  • Complete 10 powerful exercises (plus bonus!) in beautifully-designed cards

  • Display your cards where you'll see them daily - in a vision board or in your planner, keeping your vision alive all year long

  • Receive special invitations to Q&A  Planning Sessions with Gaby

What you get with the Intuitive Business Plan

10 Exercises + Bonus

Ten beautifully designed cards in heavy card stock, walking through the essential pieces of your business plan. 

Guide Book

A beautiful 65-page booklet walking you through every exercise and the full experience step-by-step. 


Receive immediate access to a hub with guided meditations, sample completed cards, and special exclusive offers, 

Q&A Sessions

Get invited to exclusive sessions where you'll ask Gaby any questions and receive support with your experience. 


"I felt like I was stuck, and I didn't know what I wanted to do next. From the moment I started the Intuitive Business Plan, I knew I was being guided, step-by-step, and the CLARITY started to come. 

I could make time for my business in a way that felt like self care. Now it's a daily reminder of my dreams and plans."

Xenia Marcinko

Video Producer

The Exercises in the Intuitive Business Plan


Buckets: Where to focus

Big Picture: Annual Goals & Quarterly Priorities

Create Your Brand:

Core Brand: Define the foundation of your brand.

Story: Defining the compelling story you will tell

Social: Crafting the strategy to tell a powerful story consistently across platforms

Embody Your Abundance

Manifest Now: What will you attract into your life? Declare it here.

Abundance: Define a clear plan for exactly how much income you will make this year.

Magic Envelope: Call in your big dreams 

Make It Happen

Week: Get organized so you execute on your plan.

Rituals: The practices that will remind you of your vision and power everyday. 

Bonus: My Commitment to Me

A daily reminder of your power and all the things you will create. 

When you've completed your experience, you'll have a gorgeous Intuitive Business Plan laid out in these beautiful that cards you can hold and see to remember, be inspired, and take action on everyday. 



Intuitive Business Plan

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Purchase your kit with 10 exercises + BONUS & your Intuitive Business Plan 65-page guide to create your own intuitive business plan. 

Plus, receive bonus meditations, Q&A sessions with Gaby & exclusive offers. 


Note: If you are not satisfied with your order you can return within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. 

About Gaby

Gaby Guzman is a South Florida based Intuitive Business Coach, Energy Worker, Strategist and Community Builder. She is  committed to helping women become who they are so they can be free.

Gaby blends strategy, soul work, and sisterhood to support women in creating the lives and businesses they desire, through 1:1 coaching, masterminds, products and online experiences. 

Gaby launched her own business in 2014, after 12 years of corporate experience. in consulting and advertising. She is certified in reiki and Feng Shui. She's the original founder of the Las Comadres community. 

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