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12: Embracing Village Life with Ester Serrano

Season #2

A few years ago, Ester left city life and her corporate job behind, to follow her intuition into entrepreneurship and a small village in northern Spain. Listen in on this powerful episode of how seemingly small moments can shift everything, how to set clear boundaries, and the freedom and power of creating a life your way. 

Ester is a Service and UX Designer who works with public institutions, private sector and entrepreneurs willing to create a positive impact in the world. She believes in the responsibility designers hold to create products and services that are sustainable from a social and environmental perspective. She focuses her work in Rural Development and Social Innovation. She’s the co-founder of NosotrAs Estudio, a feminist studio and space that develops projects and create trainings to fight against Gender-based violence.

Ester has been living in a small village in the North of Spain since 2019. She uses a neo-rural perspective to reflect on new ruralities and design in her newsletter Vereda, which translates to small road/ the path.

Learn more about Ester at www.esterserraz.com and https://www.instagram.com/esterserraz/ . Sign up for her Vereda newsletter at https://vereda.substack.com/ (in Spanish) 

Learn more about Gaby’s coaching and programs at www.gabyguzman.com and https://www.instagram.com/thegabyguzman/


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