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13: Emancipating Your Intuition with Debbie Rodriguez

Season #2

Debbie and I were literally jumping out of our chairs in the thrill of the gems and truth that was shared in this episode. Debbie shares her lessons, struggles, and powerful personal stories as she pulled herself out of despair, doubt, and shame and into creating and curating a life that is rooted in connection, love, and powerfully claiming and embracing her wholeness. Listen in for the full journey of what it can look like when you make this choice and carving your own path for your freedom. 

Debbie is a Cognitive-Behavioral Coach offering practical psycho-spiritual support to guide others back to wholeness. She does this by helping her clients identify what happens to their thought patterns + nervous system when they’re processing and feeling emotions. Her work aims to demystify the human experience by empowering the mind, calming the body, and transforming the energy. She does this through cognitive-behavioral coaching, reiki + energy work, Akashic readings, and hypnosis.

She asserts that what is divine is inherent in us; it’s remembered not learned. For this reason, her work revolves around empowering the relationship to Self and cultivating a safe space within. 

You can learn more about Debbie at https://www.instagram.com/debbiemagic_/ and https://debbiemagic.com/ 

Learn more about Gaby’s coaching and programs at www.gabyguzman.com and https://www.instagram.com/thegabyguzman/ 


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