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14: Blooming Through Intuition with Ashley Pardo

Season #2

The intuitive journey invites deep self knowing and few women I know embody this more clearly than Ashley Pardo. In this conversation, Ashley shares her process to know herself deeply, and the structure and support she has created to have a full, healthy, rich life and intuitive journey. Listen in for life-changing insights and inspiring stories in this beautiful and raw conversation. 


Ashley is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Business Coach, and former Private Chef. She coaches sensitive, introverted women to become their best selves through her signature nutrition framework, Intuitive Macros, Cooking, and Online Business. She's passionate about permanent emotional + physical solutions to weight loss & helping women create financial freedom. She lives in LA with her dog Miss Faye, and is obsessed with books, flowers, & nature.


Learn more about Ashley on her website and Instagram, and sign up for her Bloom program right here! 

Learn more about Ashley’s Bloom program here: https://ashley-pardo.mykajabi.com/bloom

Learn more about Gaby’s coaching and programs at www.gabyguzman.com and https://www.instagram.com/thegabyguzman/ 


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