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15: Giving Yourself Permission with Marta Baez

Season #2

When you commit to your creativity and give yourself permission to be fully yourself - you allow your intuition to guide your choices, your art, and your days. Marta shares openly about her incredible career and life experiences living in different countries, reinventing herself, and the role of boundaries, belonging, aging, and knowing yourself. Through it all, she shares how she keeps coming back to her own quiet, but persistent truth.


Marta was raised in Santo Domingo, D.R. and moved to NYC to finish her studies at Parsons. She has lived in 6 cities, 4 countries and has over 25 yrs of design experience, having worked for Fortune 500 companies, design agencies and as a consultant in the beauty and fashion industries. Marta is an artist who is obsessed with skincare, cats, perfumes, watercolors, food, wine and beautiful things!


Connect with Marta on LinkedIn here. And please encourage her to start that blog ;)


Learn more about Gaby’s coaching and programs at www.gabyguzman.com and https://www.instagram.com/thegabyguzman/ 


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