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Living Intuition with Gaby Guzman

Living Intuition with Gaby Guzman

Hosted by: Gaby Guzman

How can you know you are on the right path, guided, and supported? It happens when you are finally ready to listen to and trust your intuition. Living Intuition uncovers the magic, truth, and freedom that comes when...


08: Opening Up to Sisterhood

Season #1 Episode #8

Living intuitively is not something we are meant to do alone. When women come together with integrity and intention we can support one another in going deeper within ourselves and seeing the truth for one another....
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07: Setting Powerful Intentions

Season #1 Episode #7

When you’re ready to get real about living in alignment with your intuition - you start setting intentions. What do you want to create? What do you want to cultivate? Are you ready to be in a dance with the Universe...
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06: Letting Go of The Good Girl

Season #1 Episode #6

Many of us were raised to be “good girls”, and it follows us right into adulthood. The good girl is led by people pleasing, putting everyone else first and numbing out our intuitive wisdom and desires. To live an...
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05: Making Big Decisions

Season #1 Episode #5

We often rely on our intuition to make the biggest decisions of our lives. What happens when what our intuition is asking us to do - brings up our fears, impacts other people and challenges our identity? Listen as...
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04: Finding Your Purpose

Season #1 Episode #4

So many of us feel deeply that there is an impact we are meant to create in this lifetime. Whether it’s in your work, family, friendships or all of the above. This episode walks through Gaby’s 15-year journey to get...
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03: Setting Yourself Up

Season #1 Episode #3

Does your external life support you in becoming and creating what you desire? As you work to deepen your intuition - you want your life to support you, not be in conflict with you. Think of this episode as an honest...
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02: Moving Through Your Fears

Season #1 Episode #2

The first thing that happens when you decide to expand and be a bolder, more authentic version of yourself is your fears start acting up. This is completely natural. Now, how do we make peace with our fears and create...
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01: Navigating Your Intuitive Journey

Season #1 Episode #1

Our intuitive journey happens subconsciously until we decide to wake up and actively live it. That’s when the magic, healing, and power within you amplifies like never before. Listen in on Gaby’s personal story of how...
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