This Summer, you are invited to: 

  • Own Your Power
  • Trust Your Intuition
  • Embody Your Desires
  • Create Your Reality
I'm ready.

This Summer, you are invited to:

  • Own Your Power
  • Trust Your Intuition
  • Embody Your Desires
  • Create Your Reality
I'm Ready
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Ten Women.

Summer 2022.

A lifelong transformation. 

Welcome to ROOT.

Save your spot in this intimate container of support, trust, and high vibration. We're going to make magic together this Summer - rooted in your desires and intention.

A Personal Note

This is it. This is the program I've had in my heart to create for years.

In April 2021, I left the company I founded three years earlier, and kicked off my own journey of coming to my power and trusting myself deeper than ever before. There has been grief, fear, shedding, and there have been breakthroughs, reinvention, and boldly stepping into the unknown.

I am certain I've lived this time so intensely, so I would be ready to guide others through it - doubt, unworthiness, feeling stuck, and wondering if what you desire is really for you. I know how painfully paralyzing it can be when your Shadow takes a grip on you.

I've also set and achieved some of the greatest intentions of my life. I rented my own office space, deepened my magic and spiritual practices, and opened up to intimacy and love in my friendships, relationship, and family like never before. I am running the joyful, spiritual business I couldn't even dare dream of before. 

Through it all, I've had my practices, my sisters, my commitment, my magic. It all brought me back to trust, pleasure and remembering who the fck I am. 

I developed a steadfast, unshakeable trust in myself. It happened when I rooted in me, in full commitment of my desires.

One day I woke up and my default had flipped. Where my default used to be fear, it now became trust.

This is all here for you. 

You have this desire because it is yours to create. I want this for each and every one of you. 

  • I know you are here, reading these words for a reason
  • I know how absolutely ready you are to build on the momentum you've created thus far
  • I know the power that lies inside you, and I cannot wait for you to see it too, and own it fully

Every woman who joins will set an intention, and within three months you will make it happen

That intention can be whatever you want to create in your life this Summer (e.g., abundance, worthiness, trust, connection, creativity, visibility, expansion) 

I believe that words are spells.


I believe in the power of women coming together in support of one another.


Let's call in the force of our intention and wake up to our full power.

You will walk out of these three months as a woman who:

  • is more aligned, trusting, and confident,
  • knows and trusts her own power more deeply than ever before,
  • has taken action and inspired herself with what she can create,
  • has built on the momentum of the work she has built thus far, and 
  • has accomplished what she came here to create.

How It Will Work:


Bi-Monthly Meetups

The program will run from June to August 2022. Every other Monday at noon EST we will gather for Live 90-min Teaching, Q&A and Reflection Calls to share our experiences. Calls will take place bi-monthly from June 13th - August 22nd.

We will powerfully kick off our weeks together.

Rooted in Being & Experiential

This program will be present in you through everything you do, and everywhere you go this Summer (through travel and rest). It is designed to move with you and be rooted in your BEING. Plus, you'll have fun activities to play with your magic and discover your power.

Powerful Support & Energy Work 

We'll set our intentions together and create our own container of integrity, power and manifestation. We'll have a WhatsApp community to hold us through it. We will each know and be invested in one another's intentions.

You will have a monthly 1:1 check-in with me. 

Ready to save your spot?


Note: This program will launch again in the Fall at a higher price point. If you're feeling it, sister - join us now.


What we'll cover:

It will be fun, magic, soulful, and leave you with a forever sisterhood and a library of powerful practices and tools to keep coming back to in your journey of trusting yourself and creating your desires. All lessons will be recorded and you'll have access to them for life. 

Living with Intention

We'll kick things off with the power of intentions, what they mean, how to set them, and enrolling your full divinity on the ride.

Energy Work

Learn to ground, protect your energy and other foundational energy work and reiki practices to use in your day to day life.

Shadow Work

Develop your own personal plan for what to do when your fears come up, and shift limiting beliefs back to your truth.


What it really means, the core principles of manifestation, and we'll play with it in community together.

Your Personal Rituals

Know yourself and create daily rituals that work for you, and bring you back to your light. 

Future Self Embodiment

Connect with the energy of your future self, through meditation and fun experiences, so you carry her with you always.

Feng Shui

Work with your space so that it works with you, and supports everything you are cultivating and creating.


In the weeks in between, we'll live the power of letting our lessons and experiences seal within us, acknowledge and celebrate ourselves and each other.

Interested and want to learn more?

Book time to chat with me here