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Gaby Guzman

Intuitive Coach | Community Builder |  Speaker

Gaby Guzman 

Speaker | Intuitive Coach | Community Builder 

Through honest & vulnerable stories, Gaby shares experiences and insights that inspire others to lean into their authenticity with trust and community. 

I am committed to helping women become their authentic selves, so they can be free.

Everything I create is rooted in intuitive wisdom, strategy, and community. 

My Story

The first 30 years of my life were full of sensible choices following the path I grew up believing I needed to take. I grew up in Dominican Republic and moved to the U.S. at age 19. I studied Business, got married young, worked in corporate America in NYC for several years. 

Then, my Saturn Return years (29-31) saw me through a massive career change, the birth of my son, and a divorce. My whole world was turned upside down and I realized how strong and resilient I really was. I had quickly shed so much of what I thought defined me. I started recognizing and reclaiming my true self - a creative and spiritual soul, an artist, a woman who deeply desires freedom and living on her terms, a true justice-driven and beauty-loving Libra. 

Soon after moving to Miami, FL to be closer to family as a single mom, came a  sudden decision to become an entrepreneur which shook up my life in enormous ways once again. 


Entrepreneurship became a gateway to explore my passions and creativity in a way that led to living my purpose today. I realized I could commit my life to helping other women lean into their own self discovery and authenticity, and find their own freedom. Through it all, I finally learned to ask for help. Sisterhood held me strong, and I am honored everyday to have very special sister-friends as a pillar of my life. 

I have since coached hundreds of women entrepreneurs and founded the membership community Las Comadres.

Still today, my proudest experience is witnessing a woman finally seeing and owning her true power. 

I am committed to holding a mirror up for women to recognize their true selves, their power, possibilities, and to remember that they can live this life their way, while being fully supported. 


Authenticity: What does it mean to be truly yourself?

Living Sisterhood: What happens when we decide to trust and support one another?

Entrepreneurship as Spiritual Work: Our Playground for Growth and Healing.

Keynotes and speaking engagements can be customized to your needs and audience. 

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