A 30-day journey to return to your joy, vibrance and light.

Let's do it!

Remember fun?

We created this program for a simple reason -

Because we NEED it.

Too many of us are living in a state of burnout and exhaustion. Pleasure becomes an indulgence we may not even remember feeling. After two years of a pandemic and new stresses in our lives, we are long overdue for a break. We are running on autopilot and we've lost ourselves in the process:

  • We are overcome by the roles we play and the responsibilities we take on.
  • We are overworked, burnt out and exhausted.
  • We don't know how it's even possible to make ourselves a priority.
  • We can't remember the last time we really let loose and had real fun.
  • We've lost touch with that light inside us that made us feel truly alive

Yet we know that something is missing in our lives, and that this can't be what our lives were meant to be. Somewhere deep inside we know how we can live and what we can create when we are living from joy, alignment and rooted in deep pleasure. 


I'm ready for Summer of Pleasure

After 30 days devoted to your Pleasure, you'll experience

Release and Reclaim

Release the guilt we've been taught to feel, the pressure of what our roles are supposed to demand from us - and understand how we can reclaim Pleasure as our birthright. 

Find Your Pleasure

Learn to put yourself and what lights you up at the forefront of your life, slow down, soften and make time and space for Pleasure in your everyday. Learn new tools to keep creating more capacity to receive all the yummy things life has to offer.

Keep Pleasure Alive

After 30-days of actively living and practicing Pleasure, learn how to actually keep it alive in your life and your real day to day life - until it fully shifts your come-from and the way you live everyday.

How it will work

  • 30 days, from July 5th through August 7th
  • Dynamic, fun, Live Teaching and Q&A calls Tuesday evenings at 7pm EST. From Tuesday, July 5th - Tuesday, August 2nd). Note calls will be 2-hours each. 
  • A 1:1 session with Gaby or Marianna
  • Weekly Pleasure Work so you can start to bring yourself back, easing into a life rooted in joy.
  • An online community of support, sharing and prompts to keep us moving and deepening together
We will be with you, reminding you to keep coming back to you - your joy, your pleasure, your fire. 


The truth is that Pleasure is our birthright, and our spirit is asking us to return to this truth. This Summer we are doing it together.

The Retreat - Weekend of Pleasure


On August 6th and 7th, 2022, we will close out our experience with a delicious 2-day retreat in Homestead, FL solely focused on you and your pleasure! Our time will include...

  • Sexy photoshoot

  • Dance party

  • Delicious, vegan meals

  • Sensorial experiences 

This will be an intentional and juicy experience to seal our work together in you - with sisterhood, fun, and lightness!

I want my Summer of Pleasure

What we'll dive into together

For six weeks, we'll experience, learn, and put our pleasure into joyful practice. 

Pleasure & You

Get cozy with your pleasure through understanding how you embody and experience your desires, and how you make space for them in your life.

Sacred Feminine Energies

Bring awareness and practice to the light and dark feminine energies in you. Begin to live the magnetism, radiance, and unapologetic aliveness that comes when you commit to Pleasure. 

Sensuality & Pleasure

We will discuss desires, sensuality, sex magic, and breaking through blocks and pain THROUGH Pleasure. 

Keeping Her Alive

Create your plan and reminders to keep this woman who embodies owns her joy and pleasure alive in you. 

Your Guides


"My pleasure is Caribbean, feeling the sun on my skin, swimming in the ocean, dancing on the beach, napping under the share of a palm tree."


Gaby Guzman is an Intuitive Business Coach committed to helping women become who they are so they can be free, rooted in their intuitive wisdom. She believes living in joy and pleasure are at the heart of our reclaiming the abundance and expansion we desire. 

Gaby has coached hundreds of women since 2015, and she is the original founder of the Las Comadres membership community.

Gaby is originally from Dominican Republic. She is a Bruja and energy worker certified in reiki and Feng Shui. She lives in South Florida with her son, partner, and blended family. 


"My pleasure is traveling, eating dark chocolate covered strawberries, dancing like a wild woman and having someone scratch my back."

Marianna is a Catalyst for Self-Discovery & Healing. She is committed to being a light in this world, inspiring humans to dream big and empowering them to transform these dreams into reality. By weaving her coaching and shamanism tools into an integrated process, Marianna supports her clients on their path towards conscious living in a very unique way. 

Born in Miami, raised in Argentina, and a citizen of this world. Marianna is a Medicine Woman with wings. 


Your Ticket: Come back to the real YOU this Summer.

Jump in on this amazing program + retreat. Limited spots available! 

Answers to Your Questions

How much time can I expect to spend on the program?

We'll have 2-hr calls weekly for six weeks. They will be fun, interactive, and enriching. If you ever can't make a call, the teaching portion will be recorded and accessible to you anytime. We'll have weekly exercises for you to practice and live your pleasure. It will feel light and you can go at your own pace. 

What if I've never done anything like this?

No prior experience is required. We will share our authentic experiences and support one another in stepping deeper into our own joy and pleasure together. We'll share plenty of resources and bonus material for you to dive into at your own time and pace. 

Is it possible to get a refund?

No refunds are available for this program*. If an emergency arises, please contact us at [email protected] and we can arrange for an alternative way to work together.

*If you test positive for covid-19 on the days prior to the in-person retreat on August 6th and 7th, we will give you a $200 refund. 

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Photography by: Janel Kilnisan